The Table of Contents

Call to Arms Gail Molnar4
Butternuts Eleanor Tremayne5
Rapid Peril Carolyn Golledge9
For Want Nautika44
Childhood Dreams Gail Molnar47
While the Company is True Sheila Paulson48
The Widow of Minas Tirith Gail Molnar73
Friends? Nautika74
A Scene I Would Like in Return of the King Eleanor Tremayne76
Higher Than an Eagle Sheila Paulson91
Unfinished Business Tierney Becket108
Top Ten Ways to Sex an Elf Gail Molnar123
A Far Green Shore Carolyn Golledge124
The Gift Giving Gail Molnar132
Blood Brothers Carolyn Golledge145
Battle Scars Carolyn Golledge150
A Vow to Thee, My Country Cecil Spring Rice153
Children of the Storm Eleanor Tremayne154


Dianne Smithfront cover
Kim Lealback cover
Sheila Paulsontitle page art

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