The Table of Contents

A Treasured Gift for a Faithful Jewel Evendim4
If I Should Die Evendim8
Window on the West Evendim19
Fortress of the Stars Evendim26
Lest We Forget Evendim31
A Lesson in Diplomacy Evendim35
A Lesson in Forgiveness Evendim40
A Lesson in Elven Healing Evendim43
The Hobbit, the Human and a Sack of Mushrooms Evendim51
Miruvor, a Man and a Dwarf Evendim54
Mithrandir's Regard P.R. Zed57
Wolves Evendim69
Family Ties Evendim72
Snakes! Evendim75
So Small, Yet Greater Than Us All Evendim78
Falling Evendim81
A Gold Belt for Boromir Carolyn Golledge85
Rauros Reflections Carolyn Golledge89
Like Autumn Leaves They Fell Evendim93
You Raise Me Up Evendim97
The Hands of the King Evendim99
With Honor Sheila Paulson104
The Wooden Sword Evendim109
Clouds' Illusions Sheila Paulson112
The Last Word, Pt. 1 Jenny Bozovic128
Remember Me Evendim158
Memories Evendim162
The Prince and the Frog Evendim166
Under the Stars Jenny Bozovic169
Bee-Keeper Evendim174


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