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The War Inside Natasha Solten3
Vinnie wrestles with his growing feelings for Sonny while learning that Sonny himself has started to question his own choices in life and may be feeling an urge to run. Both men face off, only to realize they think more alike than they ever realized, and may actually share the same dreams of a different future together.

My Life with You Natasha Solten94

The Safe House Natasha Solten95
What if, after hours of being trapped in the old Rialto, beaten, exhausted and desperate, Sonny starts trying all the exits again and one of the doors flies open? This story starts with an escape, a gun, a stolen car and a drive into the mountains that will change Sonny's and Vinnieís lives forever.

The Three O'Clock Drive Natasha Solten110
After Vinnie is taken out in the middle of the night on suspicion of being a cop, and almost killed by Sonny and his henchmen, he finds himself in an awkward and ironic position of feeling betrayed by the man he is in the process of betraying. The truth of Sonnyís friendship and what it means to Vinnie sheds new light on his conscience and brings to the surface feelings he canít deny.

Don't Natasha Solten130
Sonny is coming onto Vinnie and Vinnie is finding it harder and harder to say no to him.

Undercover Natasha Solten159

Dark Deeds Natasha Solten
Sonny the tempter seduces a reluctant Vinnie to the dark side where things do not go at all as planned.

Confession Natasha Solten173

The Weather Outside Natasha Solten174
While Vinnie watches Sonny sleep, he makes a decision that changes everything. The result: they are separated for three long months. Each faces agonizing introspection, and a love that refuses to die.

12 Things I Remember About Sonny Steelegrave Natasha Solten238

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