The Table of Contents

Captivity, Pt. 2 Sharon Taylor2
Discovered! Elaine Moertl27
Clipped Wings Elaine Moertl28
Stopping by Science Frontiers Teresa Sarick33
Play and Replay Beki Weight34
The Dreaming Stone Julie Cesari40
It's Just You and Me, Kid Elaine Moertl41
Resting on His Laurels? Elaine Moertl48
Deathtrap Sheila Loraine49
Looking Back When It First Began Jayne A. Largent57
Biding Time Elaine MOertl58
Do You Remember Patricia Lundberg59
The Twenty-Year War Pat Hailey60
Leavetaking Kay Engstrom62
War Games Carolyn G. Lynn63
Meanwhile Back in the Donovan Family Album Hayne A. Largent85
Rachel Elaine Moertl86


Frank V. Liltzfront cover
Elaine Moertl90

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