The Table of Contents

Letters of Comment Readers2
Conventional Beginnings Mary Harrist5
Warrior of Peace Julie Cesari7
Foxhunt Elaine Moertl8
Tyler Beki Weight9
Through Pride Comes Understanding Ann Beecher10
Late One Night Elaine Moertl15
Resistances Blues Teresa Sarick17
Pitfall Pat Hailey18
Quiet Heroes Debbie Gilbert21
...And She Does It So Well Ealine Moertl22
Captivity, Pt. 1 Sharon Taylor23
A Family Affair Helen R. Bookman56
Liaison Officer Winifred McBeath58
A Fantasy Delvon59
Urgent Message! Wendy Sparkes60
Distant Thunder Elaine Moertl61
The Black Knight Vikki Weidner62
Thoughts of Two Brothers Debbie Miles64
Gentle Persuasion Pat Hailey65
Chop Suey? Elaine Moertl66
A Relative Matter William J. Hunt67
Remembrance Julie Cesari68


Frank V. Liltzfront cover
Elaine Moertl55, 57
Jayne A. Largent56

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