The Table of Contents

Letters of Comment Readers2
Phases of the Hunt, Pt. 2 Sharon Taylor5
First Loyalty Elaine Moertl24
A Little of What You Fancy Sheila A. Loraine25
Little Fish Dan Jacobs28
Mr. Tyler's Neighbourhood Jayne A. Largent41
And the Story Continues Nancy Cole55
Godzilla Enlists! Kay Engstrom57
If What I See is Real Winifred McBeth58
Cat and Mouse Susan Leff60
Wolf in the City Pat Hailey63
Stranger in the Dark Judie Lucas67
Donovan and Martin Patricia Malone68
The Awakening Sheila A Loraine69
Temporary Allies Sheila Paulson71
Leapin' Lizards Teresa Sarick90
The Gathering of Allies Pat Hailey91
Brothers in the Shadows Judie Lucas92


Frank V. Liltzfront cover, 23

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