The Table of Contents

Letters of Comment Readers3
Even Luck Has a Limit, Pt. 2 Jayne Largent7
cartoon Laurie Farkas25
Tears of War Mary Harrist26
Away from Home Robin Perrault26
The Hard Way Pat Hailey27
V: The Books Review Tim Blaes31
Unwelcome Attraction Heather Simmons35
Two Filksongs Teresa Sarick53
Interlude Pat Hailey54
Cartoon Jayne Largent56
For Love of Richard Linda Hepden57
Thelma's Song for Willie Cheree Cargill58
Phases of the Hunt, Pt. 1 Sharon Taylor59
Rebels and Lovers Lament Julie Cesari80
Avenger! Pat Hailey81
Thoughts on Conflict, Thoughts on War Robin Belyea83
Diana's Pet, Pt. 2 Henri Asher84
Cartoon Jayne Largent103
In the Air Tonight G.H. Coyote104
For Phillip Robin Perrault142
Not Bad...For a Lizard Anita Thompson & Linda Warren143
Rivals Debbie Gilbert148
Night Shift Rene Schneider150
A Friend Betrayed JoAnn Serger151


Frank V. Liltzfront cover, 149
Tunis Nybro30

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