The Table of Contents

Assignment Pat Hailey2
Barbara William J. Hunt4
Is Martin Alive? Joann Serger5
Even Luck Has a Limit, Pt. 1 Jayne Largent13
Cartoon Jayne A. Largent36
Friend or Foe? Pat Hailey37
Willie Debbie Gilbert41
After the Battle Louise Smith42
Cartoon Jayne A. Largent46
Old Bikers Never Die Pat Hailey47
Cartoon Jayne A. Largent50
Natural Causes Calistra Robyns51
Bloodlines, Pt. 1 Meghan Moroney & Beverly Robichaux56
"V" Episode Guide Henra Trent75
Diana's Pet, Pt. 1 Henri E. Asher77
Conversations Pat Hailey84
Before I Sleep G.H. Coyote85
Vive la Resistance! Pat Hailey124
Cartoon Laurie Farkas126
Thoughts on Dying Virginia Waldron127
A Father's Regret CarolMel Ambassador130
Shadows Karen A. Bates132


Frank V. Liltzfront cover, 55
Nancy E. Kolar12
Peggy Spalding131

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