The Table of Contents

After the Rains Atira Kei 5
Friends & Lovers Atira Kei 14
When the Game Ends MerLyn 20
Better Together MerLyn 23
Dancing With Shadows Dovya Blacque 27
Toshi's Friend Atira Kei 39
Heart of Flint Flamingo46
Still in My Heart Flamingo90
A Friend In Need Ida Vega 135
Shadows Past Atira Kei 151
Miracle Men Dovya Blacque 165
The Letter Dovya Blacque 180
Somewhere in the Night Theresa Kyle198
Miami Rain Dovya Blacque 209
The Head of the Tempest Dovya Blacque 219
Night Hunter MerLyn244
BloodBond Atira Kei 255
In the Dust Again Dovya Blacque 279
Under My Skin Dovya Blacque295


Alayne front cover, 4

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