After the first stormy passages of their relationship, Illya and Napoleon now move into calmer waters. Illya, freed from the demons of his past, takes up the reins of his life. He and Napoleon grow closer and closer still. These stories look in on them from time to time -- catching them watching fireworks and planning for a future when Napoleon is no longer travelling, seeing Napoleon show Illya the video of the terrible old house crashing down. They celebrate Valentine's Day with flowers and a wild tango, and join with family to observe their tenth anniversary. They share an impromptu trip to Paris, and have a passionate reunion at their beach house. They are a fixture in Napoleon's family, and spend a lovely snowbound weekend all together. As they grow older, Illya worries about Napoleon's health and fixation on his work, and lures him away for a playful weekend at a water park, at the same time asking him to slow down and spend more time at home. On their 25th anniversary, they are more in love than ever, and Napoleon's sweet surprise at a formal dinner paves the way for a future happier even than either had ever pictured. Don't miss a single one of these novels!

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