The Table of Contents

Aunt Amy's Remedy Donna Hutt4
The Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed Affair Stewart Johnson14
The Bagpipe Affair Charlene Kirby24
I Can Imagine Quite a Lot Alexandra H. Ramsay48
The Impossible Mission Affair Joy March Fox54
The Fifteen Years Earlier Affair Eileen Roy84
Parting Well Made Joyce Hindman92
The Russian Cafe Affair Denise Leanne Mathews101
The Only Good U.N.C.L.E. Agent Joy Ashenfelder102
Jamie Stewart Johnston107
On Borrowed Time Denetia Arellanes108
A Greater Love C.C. Smith116
Facet Amorphous/First Fires Zach Nitzyekov128
Echoes in the Dark Isaac Person133
The Fantasy Affair Clotilda Willard134

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