The Table of Contents

Three Days on the Road Sheila Paulson1
Fellowship Sheila Paulson35
Among the Fallen Sheila Paulson46
Hope Sheila Paulson49
After Orthanc Sheila Paulson52
Future's Promise Sheila Paulson56
Heart's Ease Sheila Paulson61
The Weight of the World Sheila Paulson65
First Sight Sheila Paulson69
Reversal Sheila Paulson72
The Climb Sheila Paulson74
United Sheila Paulson75
Vantage Point Sheila Paulson81
In Pippin's Eyes Sheila Paulson85
Kindred Sheila Paulson94
Stories Sheila Paulson114
A Gift of Water Sheila Paulson125
The Garden Sheila Paulson131
The Ride Sheila Paulson137
Joy Sheila Paulson154
Pursuing Peace Sheila Paulson160

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