The Table of Contents

The Curse Laura Chevening3
Dark Hart Jeanine Hennig9
Winter Marcia Brin53
The Blessing Laura Chevening55
By Your Side Sarah Macht DeWitt60
The Beginning of Dreams Sarah Macht DeWitt61
The Man from Spain John Merkel63
The Promise Jenna Bruce87
Brothers Jenna Bruce89
Robin in the Hood Daria Praed91
Some Things That Should've Been Said Daria Praed95
Soliloquy Jenna Bruce97
Robbin' the Hood L.A. Carr99
Herne's Son Jaime Yingling112
The Guy Behind Gisburne Robert Addie113
Fun at Greenwood Con, May, 1987 Paulie127
Love in the Afternoon Tami Marie131


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