The Table of Contents

The Ultimate Crossover Joseph Guinn1
Murphy's Law Ann McKannan6
Mike's 5 Renae Ransdorf29
The Trooper's Lot Ann McKannan37
Blake's Fool Ann McKannan38
The Case of the Missing Moon Disc Renae Ransdorf40
Soldiers Jo Seaver43
Behold Her Anne Collins Smith44
What a Swell Party Jamie Ritchey & Dee Beetem46
Orac the Brain Anne Collins Smith65
Fly the Scorpio Anne Collins Smith66
Stand Still Michael J. Macomber68
Lies into Truth Anne Collins Smith69
Not in Your Wildest Dreams Dee Beetem & Jamie Ritchey71
The Delta's Deadly Virtues Ann McKannan78
Gang Aft Agley Renae Ransdorf79
Addicted to Blake Anne Collins Smith82
They Call the Wind Ann McKannan84
On Deaf Ears Renae Ransdorf88
Betrayal Sarah Shillin89
Finale Several Fans120
Limericks Jamie Ritchey123


Renae Ransdorffront cover, 42, 82, 83
Ruth Landry39
Tamara Nelson6, 10, 23, 45, 66, 67, 84, 91, 105, 117
Jamie Ritchey21, 26
Melody Rondeau52, 63

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