The Table of Contents

Glass Passengers JINOld West 11
This isn't the first time one of Vin's bullets went somewhere he didn't plan, but it is the first time he had six friends to help him deal with it.

Black Water JINOld West 23
An attempted rescue of a family caught in a flood turns deadly for Vin.

Contradictory Intentions JINOld West 45
When Vin is accidently shot, Chris realizes he cannot let his friend go without a fight, even if that means watching Vin living out a slow death.

It'll be Fun JeanneATF Denver 87
A vacation trip takes a turn for the worse when Vin is hurt. Now Chris must call on all his knowledge and strength to get Vin out alive.

Acceptable Risk JINATF Denver 105
When Vin is sent undercover by himself, Chris has a bad feeling about how things will turn out. It's too bad he was right.


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