$16.00 (US) * $20.00 (Can/Mex) * $21.00 (overseas)
Type: gen

In this Shadow Chasers/Real Ghostbusters novella by Sheila Paulson, a small Iowa river town is home to a primordial underwater creature that can only be controlled by a hereditary guardian. When the entity snatches first Edgar Benedek and then Egon Spengler and drags them down beneath the Mississippi, the remaining Ghostbusters and Jonathan MacKenzie can't be sure they are even alive, or if there is a way to stop the beast without destroying the young woman who controls it.


$29.00 (US) * $36.00 (Mex/Can) * $39.00 (overseas)
Type: gen

After the tragic death of Peter Venkman, Edgar "Benny" Benedek, tabloid reporter and friend of the Ghostbusters, jumps in as a temporary Ghostbuster to help tide the other three over until they can bear to seek a permanent replacement. But a mysterious man who appears out of nowhere, a homeless man who seems to be stalking the Ghostbusters, and a plum-colored ghost who fiercely disapproves of the team -- particularly Benedek -- lead to difficult questions in this engaging Shadow Chasers / Real Ghostbusters crossover novel by Sheila Paulson. In the meantime, a lost Ghostbuster tries very hard to find his way home before a demon can attack the team and destroy them all...