The Table of Contents

The First Lesson Ann Hart 6
A Promising Disappearance DVS7
Soul of an Angel Gina Alkazian31
Destiny Cybel Harper32
The Beast Within Gaia Propylaea 33
When We Awake Cybel Harper45
Tunnels Crystal Hart46
The Power of Love Anita M. Hooson47
The Crystal and the Rose Gina Alkazian 58
Gifts Margaret Chase59
Otherworld: Catherine's Poem Ann Hart 65
Escape Crystal Hart 66
A Knight to Remember 'Nea Dodson67
Until the Dawn Ann Hart73
The Light of My Life Gina Alkazian74
She's Waiting Dovya Blacque75
A Dream Come True Gina Alkazian77
The Other Side Cybel Harper 88
Vicent's Lament Crystal Hart89
Endings Ann Hart90
Home from the Sea Anne Evans91
Blessings Cybel Harper105


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