The Table of Contents

Real Cybel Harper6
To be Proper Neré Sago7
Through Light and Shadow Marye Lynn Wexford25
Melinda Elaine Landman 39
Amber Cybel Harper49
Crystal Demon D.A. Martin51
Day/Night Gina Alkazian52
The Secret Stairway M. West53
Sacrifices Sue-Anne Hartwick 113
Winter's End Cybel Harper115
Make Love to the Night Sue-Anne Hartwick 116
Daddy's Little Girl Gina Alkazian 117
Saturday Christine Woodford 135
Love's Song Cybel Harper 163
Beauty and Beast Wendy Rathbone165
No Other Cybel Harper 167
What Can I Say to You Gina Alkazian 168


Phyliss Amason front and back covers

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