The Table of Contents

The Beauty of Sky to Stone Wendy Rathbone 4
December DVS 5
I Am Carol Pierce 19
Two Worlds One Sharon Pearson 21
Guardian Robin Hood 22
Fulfillment B. Gipson 23
An Intangible Nothing Alayne Gelfand29
Untitled Jeanne Cloud 30
Some Way Back Jeanne Cloud 31
Dreams of Desire Scarlet Warner 55
Tethers Carol A. Pierce 58
Spirals Elizabeth Hillman 59
A Well of Stars Robin Hood 60
Foundation Carol A. Pierce 89
Conqueror Jo Ann Sides 90
A Secret Place Meg Fine 92
Shadows Sharon Pearson 93
A Truth Beyond Knowledge Lynn Reinhardt 94
From Below Charla T. Menke 102
Faraway Beast Nere Saga 103
Confession Carol A. Pierce 123
A Different Beauty Alayne Gelfand 125
Silence is Broken Robin Hood 127
Untitled Jeanne Cloud 128
Saowen S. Randant 129
Impossible Loss Charla T. Menke 132
The Leaving Robin Hood 133
Paradise Eve/When Dreams Come True Judy Darnell 135
Mirrors Alayne Gefland 137
A Presence Wendy Rathbone 139
Ocean Upon the Sky Dovya Blacque 140


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