The Table of Contents

Editorial Editors iii
Biographies Editors 1
The Song of the Wood Wose Sid Rumpo All-Stars 5
Hastings Battle Hymn Sid Rumpo All-Stars 6
Cautionary Tale Alison McGinty 7
Seventh Sword Cindy Fairbanks 9
Sherwood Fires Sid Rumpo All-Stars 10
Wayland's Dilemma Betty Norton11
Marching Song of the 'We
Love Ginsburne Society'
Sid Rumpo All-Stars15
The Loxley Rap Louise Bath17
Hunt is Up Betty Norton19
Robert's Reply to Marion Sid Rumpo All-Stars26
Robin's Lament Sid Rumpo All-Stars28
At Robin Hood's Grave Sid Rumpo All-Stars29
A May Morning Betty Norton30
A Song for Marion Sid Rumpo All-Stars44
Cost is Not Cause Rache45
Accident of Birth Alison McGinty46
Spiced Outlaws Louise Bath47
The Lady and the Outlaw Louise Bath48
Book List Louise Bath51
Book Reviews Sue Bursztynski69
A Saxon Marching Song Lizzie McNab72
Behold the Man Beast Sid Rumpo All-Stars73
In Vino Veritas Alison McGinty74
There Goes the Neighborhood Lizzie McNab77
The House of the Wulfings Janet P. Reedman83
The Guardians Jae97
Ever Merry, Never Gay Alison McGinty101
Blood Louise Bath104
Lone Wolf Alison McGinty105
Harvest Festival Sid Rumpo All-Stars140
Ballad of Robin Hood Louise Bath141
Of Wounds and Warts Jae143
What Shall We Name the Baby? Jae148
Strangest Story of Sutton Hoo Louise Bath154
How Herne Came into Possession of Albion Jae157
The Stag and The Rainbow Louise Bath179
Three Lions Louise Bath228
Well, Fancy That Editors229
Cartoons Editors231
News, Various and Sundry Editors239
Butch Saxon Beefcake Editors247


Jaefront cover, 29, 41, 88, 90, 93, 95, 97, 99,
109, 115, 119, 130, 142, 162, 168, 169, 170,
174, 177, 194, 208, 216, 219, back cover
Frances Quinn 12, 14, 23, 35, 77
Louise Bath 76, 80, 178

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