The Table of Contents

Editorial The Editors 2
The Corners of my Mind Melanie Riley 3
Summer Storm Jeri Sarick 40
A Serpent's Tooth Lucy Broadway 41
Choices Tammy Croft 90
Aces and Eights Jan Wertz 91
Chronicle 1889 C. Schlein 102
Cartoon Leah Rosenthal 103
Targeted Dawn Cunningham 104
Who Wants to Live Forever Ellen Shipley 119
Thief of Hearts Ellen Shipley 120
Reflections in a Glass Ellen Shipley 121
On Guard, You Fool Ellen Shipley 121
Two Ways Through Time Teri Sarick 122
Heart Half Empty Tammy Croft 130
The Bartender Vonne Shepard 144
If I Die Before I Wake Cathy Schlein 145
Job Profile -- Highlander Teri Sarick 199
You Know You've Been Watching
Too Much Highlander When...
Teri Sarick 200


Catherine Schlein front cover

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