The Table of Contents

Editorial Editors 2
Siren's Song Ellen Shipley 3
The Sword Teri Sarick 34
The Bloodgem Sue Kelley 35
Top 10 Things That Attracted
Me to Highlander
Teri Sarick 70
Checkmate Jan Wertz 71
Epitaph For Mikey Liza Osburn 86
Wednesday's Child Cindy Hudson87
Traveling Companion Rene Gibson92
Fagin's Court Catherine Schlein94
Completing the Puzzle Rene Gibson130
One Brief Life Maggie133
Friends and Enemies Jan Wertz134
Death of a Friendship Patricia Dunn154
When I Was Death Patricia Dunn155
A Thousand Regrets Patricia Dunn156
Gifts of Magic Lucy Broadway157
Renegade Watcher Teri Sarick210
The Memory of Her Smile Catherine Schlein211
Immortal Pride Teri Sarick230
Pine Nut Elise Hill231
Regrets Patricia Dunn and Diana Smith234
Sonnet for Tessa Susan MacDonald237


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