The Table of Contents

Editorials Who Do You Think? 2
Letters of Comment Various Unscrupulous Persons 4
Magnum P.I. Episode Guide Bartlett/Wilson 15
Hang Gliding to Molokai Teresa Sarick 28
Penny Thoughts Cathy Bryson 30
Can You Imagine? Karen L. Mitchell 35
Little Voice Teresa Sarick 36
50 Ways To Get A Freebie Mysti Frank38
Still Counting Carol S. Jenkins 39
Wendy Sue-Anne Hartwick 42
Heart to Heart Patrice L. Heyes 44
How to Survive the Beaches Karen L. Mitchell56
Magnum No Kaa Oe Karen L. Mitchell57
August 8th Carol S. Jenkins 58
Test Your Knowledge Wilson/Heyes 70
Alexis Sue-Anne Hartwick 72
Prisoners of War Jackie Paciello 74
Another Rotten Day in Paradise Sally Smith/Cathy Woldow119
Yesterday's Shadows Jude Wilson 129


T.J. Burnside33
Jessie Craig55
Ruth Kurz145
Ann Larimer 46, 50
Christine Myers61
Karen Riverfront & back cover, 74, 91, 100, 116
Leah Rosenthalinside back cover, 29, 117
Ann Shelby40, 42, 127

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