The Table of Contents

Editorial and Disclaimer Editor 4
And Then We, um, Bonded Julien 6
A Perfect Question Lisa Martin 15
Haiku: Slash Jane Mailander 18
The Valley of the Shadow of Death Julien 19
Michigan and Massages Laurie Taylor 30
In the Closet Lainie Stone 37
To Top It Off Jane Mailander 39
One Julien 41
Heat Stroke Elaine Walker 73
Laughing Matter Pamela Rose 75
The Long and Winding Road Rosa Westphalen 79
Emerald and Sapphire Jeannie Marie 91
To Hold Men Together Wally 92
Helpful Shadows Susan Rose 101
Forever and Ever, Benny Quill 107
Without Honor Mireille 120
Duets Julien 131
Up From the Ashes Alberta Skies 137
The PMS Episode Guide Editor 146


Anja Gruber 5, 56

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