The Table of Contents

Editorial and Disclaimer Editor 4
Lather Lainie Stone 6
Seventeen Julien 10
Summer Vacation Julien 39
An Arm's Length Away Khylara 60
On Guard Jane Mailander 62
Aftermath: Victoria Khylara 69
An Ending Susan Rose 71
Bedtime Story Gloria Lancaster 72
Steve Khylara 78
Mission Improbable Fallon Oxley 80
Top Ten Lists Jane Mailander 87
The Courting of Benton Fraiser Jeannie Marie 89
Ms. Fraiser Julien 99
Rest in Peace Susan Rose 102
A Wild Surmise Rupert Rouge 107
On the Night of the Dark Moon Rupert Rouge 120


Anja Gruber 98, 106

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