The Table of Contents

Editorial and Disclaimer Editor 4
Dating the Cultural Stereotype Julien 7
Pretty Things Gillian Middleton 13
3:00 AM Thoughts Quill 14
One Man in a Thousand Julien 17
Comfort Quill 25
Here be Dragon-flies Julien 26
There be Humans Julien 39
Choices Quill 63
Deep in the Ground Trish Darbyfeld 73
Triangle Jeannie Marie 77
Life's Worth Quill 83
Out of Friendship Juilen 89
Badges Gillian 95
Only Connect Julien 102
Lying in Unfamiliar Arms Gillian Middleton 107
Where There is Life Gillian Middleton 109
Auyaq Mona Moore 111
Tomorrow and Tomorrow Annie Stuart 124


Anja Gruber 6

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