The Table of Contents

Editorial and Disclaimer Editor 4
Kisses and Promises Julien 6
Ow! Quill 8
After the Deal Gillian Middleton 11
The Glacier Gillian Middleton 15
Parental Guidance Recommended Julien 18
Standing Still Quill 20
Still Standing Still Quill 27
File It Under 'M' for Miscellaneous Annie Stuart 30
In Vino Veritas Gillian Middleton 35
Waiting Quill 39
You're So Sweet Julien 42
Throwing Stones Quill 43
Pasta Marciano Julien 45
Midnight Lesson Gillian Middleton 46
The Mountie, His Wolf, the Cop, His Car and His Sister Julien 48
The Living Years Julien 55
Communion Julien 73
More Things Gillian Middleton 79
Good Start Gillian Middleton 83
Let Me In Julien 87
One Too Many Quill 95
Unique Quarry Quill 96
Holding On Gillian Middleton 99

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