The Table of Contents

Love and War Jeane Devore1
A Letter Cindy Rancourt50
Homing Marion McChesney51
Quoth Avon "Nevermore" April Murray54
Hecate Waits Jean Graham63
Playing the Fool Ann Wortham and Leah Rosenthal79
And Then There Was None Jeff Morris84
Flight Down Pat Nussman86
Lost Steven Swanger87
Nothing But the Thorn Jean Hoffman91
Voice of Reason Pat Nussman96
Too Good for You Paulie Kay97
Past Tense Sheila Paulson108
Last Clear Chance Sue Wells and Dee Beetem117
Memory Mary Gertsner123
After Sarcophagus: Avon Shoshanna Green126
After Sarcophagus: Cally Shoshanna Green126
A Fool's Wager Kathy Hintze128
The Wrath of the Slumber Party D.J. Driscoll138
Still Life Judith Kitses151


Suzan LovettFront Cover, 86
Adrian Morgan1
Caro Hedge50
Karen River51
O'Caoindeablan54, 91
Sue Williams63, 151
Gayle Feyrer117
Annette Hall123

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