The Table of Contents

October Story Susan Matthews1
Just A Bit Late Jeff & Mary Morris60
Song of the Seven Linda Terrell61
Thief Kristy Merrill65
Garden of Stone Pat Nussman90
The Kindest Cut Kathleen Coy91
Martyr CarolMel Ambassador107
The Shuttle Experience JoAnn Marquet109
Closing Shadows Marion McChesney112
Team Effort Jill Grundfest113
What is It You See? Sue Williams123
Patterns of Trust Sheila Paulson124
Stalking Toward Revenge Tyndara Meffe128
Circles Mary Gertsner130
Counterpoint Emily Ross133
Dust in the Wind Cindy Henry134
Carousel P. Dell Ames151
A Fragile Alliance Sue Williams152
His Own Man Shoshanna Green168
Revenge of the Slumber Party D.J. Driscoll170


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