The Table of Contents

Doppelganger Suzan Lovett 1
Dreamin' D.J. Driscoll 69
Lonely in Your Nightmare Mary Gerstner 72
The Happy Ending Celeste Hotaling 74
Precipice L.E. O'Brian 77
The Nature of the Beast Marion McChesney82
Even Now Cindy Henry 84
Downtime Kate Daniels 85
For a Few Moments More April Giordano 89
Words Unuttered Paulie Kay 92
Follow the Leader Barbara Tennison 93
The Seventh Gate Sheila Paulson 115
Gan Kelly Hardin 122
Mask Marion McChesney 122a
Revenge of the Slumber Party D.J. Driscoll 123
Voices Jane Sibley 127
Sarcophagus Pat Nussman 133
The Vicious Circle D.J. Driscoll 134
The Suvivor's Song Cindy Henry 140
Across the Well of Time Marion McChesney 173


Suzan Lovett front cover
Laura Virgil back cover

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