The Table of Contents

For a Friend Patricia Dunna & Diana Smith1
Free Will Robin C. Kwong12
Mr. Wisherman Mindy Peterman13
The Definition of Freedom Tracy E. Finifter43
Sam (the Stick Man) Leaps Again Bill Neurnberg68
Promise Me a Carousel Leah Starsky69
Going West Lorraine Anderson81
Sam Shows Lorraine Anderson83
Admiral Al Lorraine Anderson90
River of Hope Melinda Young93
The Wanderer Robin C. Kwong122
Band of Silver, Band of Gold Jessica Ross123
Sam's Oh, Boy Lorraine Anderson132
My Brother, the Beauty Queen Kim Smith & Judi Toth133
For Donna Mary Robertson138
The Letter Sheila Paulson139
Superstition Dana Rae Pugh153
A Stitch in Tme Jane Mailander177
Bad to the Bone Lorraine Anderson188
Eggbeater Patricia Poole189
The Sea-Wife Jane Mailander208
Natural Father Mary Schmidt209
After Having Danced Once More, in San Diego Robin C. Kwong242
Contributor's Comments Authors243
Cartoon Jane Mailander246


Kate Neurnbergfront cover, 7, 12, 23, 35, 74, 85, 90, 122, 138, 165, 242
[=minds-i-view=] 46, 65, 129
Linda Fairbanks92, 183
Terri Librande132, 135, 143
Judy Breuer196, 215

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