The Table of Contents

The Photograph Carol Davis5
A New Face to Reality Tracy E. Finifter13
Limerick Jan Suchomel29
Time's Invitation to the Traveler K.A. Marshall30
'00 Jessica Ross31
Parenthood Diana Smith & Pat Dunn37
After Viet Nam... Jessica Ross54
The Leap Home III L.A. Carr57
Many Happy Returns Meg Garrett61
Sam Leaps into... Bill Nuernberg72
A Special Kind of Freedom Mindy Peterman & Judy Roberts73
Centerfold Terri Librande & Kate Nuernberg95
No Promise but Shadows Robin C. Kwong105
Where am I, Al? Wanda Clouthier118
Words Unspoken Leah Starsky119
Filks Cicatrice du Veritas124
Kidnapped Diana Smith & Pat Dunn127
Cartoon Jane Mailander138
Contact Patricia Poole139
Dr. Sam Beckett Never Returned Home Jane Mailander160
Fear of Frying Mary Robertson161
Parzival's Return Melinda Young171
Heroes Jan Suchomel208


Kate Nuernbergfront cover, 7, 12, 30, 67,
83, 135, 206, 207
Judy Breuer45
Laura Dames121, 179
Linda Fairbanks35, 113
Terri Librande97, 103, 165, 199
[=minds-i-view=]56, 141, 156
Anna Oliwa118, 125
Jane Mailander4, 138, 212
Bill Nuernberg72

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