The Table of Contents

Is there a Doctor, Doctor, Doctor, Doctor in the House? Linda Fairbanks1-43
Ally Marcia Brin1-17
After the Last Dance Jane Mailander1-2
Out of Time Ann Raymont1-12
There But for Fortune Mary Schmidt1-32
A Debt Unpayable Jane Mailander1-2
As It Fell Upon a Day Terri Librande1-20
Outside Influences Mary Robertson1-18
Destiny's Game Becky Cope1-34
Rise Again Signe Hovde1-24
Predestined Evil Gary Himes1-20
The Other Side of the Coin Rebecca Reeves1-29
Love, Donna Elaine Batterby1-2
Steele Leaping Anne and Elaine Batterby1-13
Cartoon Jane Mailander1
Ghost of a Chance Sheila Paulson1-17
The Leap Candace Nathanson-Goldstein1
Accident Pat Dunn and Diana Smith1-25
Before I Forget Anne Batterby1
Message in a Bottle Kate Neurnberg1-52


Kate Neurnbergfront cover

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