The Table of Contents

Editors' Page The Editors Phoenix/Stingray 2
Flame from Another Fire Michelle L. Levigne Phoenix 5
The Final Song J. Ruth Dempsey Phoenix 22
Deserted Stars Kate Nickell Starman 23
Bait and Switch Michelle L. Levigne Starman 25
Lights of Blue and Gold Elizabeth Knauel Phoenix/Quantum Leap 39
Phoenix in Blue Jeans J. Ruth Dempsey Phoenix 77
Burnout Lauren Keeper Phoenix/Stingray 79
By Fell Dreams Touched Mark R. Phoenix 85
Serpent Kate Nickell Beauty & the Beast 132
Storm over New York Kate Nickell Phoenix 132A
Gizmos Michelle L. Levigne Beauty & the Beast 133
Vincent J. Ruth Dempsey Beauty & the Beast 147
My Mind to Me a Kingdom Is Mark R. Phoenix 148
Into the Light Mark R. Whittington Phoenix 170
Arisen from the Ashes Kate Nickell Phoenix 180
Semper Fidelis Mark R. Whittington Phoenix/Quantum Leap 183
The Court Marshal of Justin Preminger Mark R. Whittington Phoenix/Dallas 197
Close Encounters Elizabeth Knauel Phoenix/Starman 227
Wings of Light Kate Nickell Phoenix 229


KOZ front cover, 84, 149
Francis Quin 23, 181, 230
Ann Larimer 4, 24
Joy Riddle 78, 171
Terri Labrande 38, 189
Lynne Whitten 182, 196
Peggy Spalding 1, 132, 146, 147, 195
Pam Martin 132B

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