OH, BOY! 6

The Table of Contents

Tornado Terri Librande1
Rainbows M.J. Frank8
Time's Edge Melissa Mastoris40
Your Mama, Alice Lorraine Anderson41
The Pyramid of Honor Michelle Agnew46
Brotherly Love Michelle Mastoris56
The Importance of Being Roy Sandy Hall57
My Adversary's Cross John Hall76
Handlink Inventory Dr. R. Gushman77
Days of Future Past Sharon Wisdom79
Waiting Room: Black Magic P.L. Poole99
Final Moments Melissa Mastoris123
Sam's Great Adventure Chris Fullerton124
Green Eggs and Sam Crystal Hall124
H.G. Wells Jonathan Cardwell125
Susan and Ray Christina Harris126
Harry's Drugstor Tahna Henson127
Ode to Al Mandi Hall134
Fed Up Freda Whaley135
Playgal Stats on Your Two Favorite Hunks Various and Sundry Personnel 168
Shake Down P.L. Poole172
Harmonious Noise Janice Bilby291
Project Personnel Profiles Some Unscrupulous Person 294


[=minds-i-view=] front cover, 40a, 98a, 169, 171,
176a, 192a, 204a, 214a
Sandy Hall 76a
Brian Davison 167

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