OH, BOY! 3

The Table of Contents

The Right Man Becky Cope1
A Little Help Sandy Hall27
The Waiting Room: Jesse Tyler Rebecca Reeves45
Maggie's Angel Melissa Mastoris52
Through the Imaging Chamber Miriam Ferziger53
Fragile Memory Pat Woodhouse58
This One's for Al Elaine & Anne Batterby59
The Waiting Room: Darlene Monte Jennifer Adams Kelley68
Only You Can See M.J. Frank73
Watchman, What of the Night? Gary E. Himes85
Adversaries Pat Woodhouse112
The Waiting Room: Jimmy Janna Stockinger113
Waiting Patricia Dunn123
Decision Diana Smith125
Last Leap Jane Mailander127
Star Light, Star Bright Melissa Mastoris137
By Leaps and Bounds Barbara Mater138
The Waiting Room: Joey Denardo Ann Raymont151
Over the River Jennifer Smallwood160
Barriers Sheila Paulson166
Dreams Sharon Wisdom188
The Waiting Room: Kenny Sharp Jane Mailander195
Leaping to Conclusions Diana Smith and Pat Dunn197
The One He Left Behind Crystal A. Nauyokas223
The Way Home Todd Parrish224
Musings to Cigar Smoke Elaine M. Batterby225
Road Stop Rebecca Reeves226
Disney Sharon Wisdom243
Leaping into the Next Generation Amanda Hall and Kate Wisdom256
Letters of Comment Various258
Project Personnel Profiles Various261


[minds-i-view]Front Cover, 27, 123, 127, 243
Barb Johnson1, 85, 226
Margie Banks45
Terri Librande52, 53, 166
Vicki Brinkmeier59
Todd Parrish68, 113, 223, 225,
Richard Jackson138, 197
[minds-i-view] and Todd Parrish243
Natalie Wisdom and Crystal Hall256

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