Reader Feedback

          "I haven't written a LoC in years, but I have to write one about The Oak and The Cypress.  I was so impressed with the novel that, as soon as I finished it, I started reading it again from the beginning.  The writing is exquisite, clean and clear and crisp.  The details the way Lex enjoys Clark touching his head, the subtle way they read each other through mere expression or touch were lovely and so refreshing to read.  The plot was excellent.  To write something that shows Clark's metamorphisis from 'Clark' to 'Superman' and do it so that it makes sense and incorporates a homosexual relationship with his (in other universes!) arch enemy was a huge task and here was done so believably, so delicately that I barely saw the change happening.  It was done in increments, a natural progression for Clark from an emerging boy to a man with probably the heaviest burden any man could ever shoulder.
          I also enjoyed the Batman folks.  I'm less familiar with this Batman universe than I am with Superman, but I know enough to see how those characters were also handled with accuracy and, no other word for it, love.
          Mirtai obviously feels deeply for Clark and Lex, but also for Bruce and Dick.  It's so obvious in every sentence that it makes me care even more for them than I did before I read the novel!  That's some task, considering I'm pretty jaded about "/" at this point.
          On a more 'editorial' thread, there were hardly any typos, no more than in professional novels. There weren't even any plot points I would have asked to be changed. Everything just flowed perfectly.
          Can you tell I'm extremely impressed?!"

Alayne Gelfand

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