The Table of Contents

His Mother's Son Helen AdamsOld West 11
Ezra contemplates his relationship with his mother.

Investment Helen AdamsOld West 16
Ezra has plans.

Perspective Helen AdamsOld West 21
Ezra gains a new presepctive.

The New Law NotTashaOld West 25
Ezra has choices.

No Good Deed Helen AdamsOld West 30
Sometimes no matter what you do, you have to pay a price.

Murder in Red NotTashaOld West 47
Giving something up can be darn hard to to.

Justice Helen AdamsOld West 55
Nathan and Ezra face a rough piece of trail when their assumptions are challenged.

Play Ball Helen AdamsATF Denver 72
Ezra joins the others to play a little weekend baseball.

What Was Not Meant to Be AngieATF Denver 123
Ezra lives another life.

Twilight Helen AdamsATF Denver 136
Ezra suffers a life-changing injury, but he has more support than he ever imagined.


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