The Table of Contents

Vice Vice Editors 2
Port in a Storm Stancio del Norte 5
Storm Watch Mikki Cruz and Susan K. Dundas 19
Desperately Seeking Sonny Stancio del Norte 29
A Boy and His Dad Robyn LaSalle 47
The Pillow Book Robyn LaSalle 67
A Fairy's Tail K.K. Boodie 75
Late Nights and Rainy Mornings TLC 77
Mirror in My Soul R.J. Burnett 82
Five Years R.J. Burnett 83
Sensei Flamingo 85
Jasmine Robyn LaSalle 165
Un Leon y Mi Corazon Jane Mailander 168
One More Time and Aftermath Khylara 170
Black on Gold Robyn LaSalle 173
Possession Obsession R.J. Burnett 175
Warrior or Trickster? Tosya Stohn 177


KOZ front cover
R.J. Burnett 172, 176
Jung 174
Angi Towski 3
Seraph 170
Nola Frame-Gray 17, 45

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