The Table of Contents

The Polarity of Light and Dark Dusti Roehz 1
Heart of Stone MerLyn 4
Sensei Jane Mailander 10
The Last Sound Love Makes Flamingo 12
Communion Mikki Cruz 60
God's Peace Atira Kei 62
Burned By Burnett Robyn LaSalle 67
The How and Why of Things Dusti Roehz 68
The Heat of the Night Dusti Roehz 70
A Day at the Races R.J. Burnette 74
Prelude Mikki Cruz 76
Third Wheels Jane Mailander 81
Closer to Heaven Stancio del Norte 84
Reflections in Contrast Alisa Long 100
Light of the World Stancio del Norte 102
Two Souls R.J. Burnett 116
Break on Through to the Other Side Stancio del Norte and Robyn LaSalle 118
Old Ties and Tequila MerLyn 142
Thief of Hearts R.J. Burnett 162


KOZ front cover, 73
Susan K. Dundas 163, 164
Nola Frame-Gray 59, 66
Seraph 99, 138
Towski 115
Alayne 139

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