The Table of Contents

Pink Walls and Glass Bricks Sunny Bernaise 1
In Deep Water Shanachie 4
Picking Up the Pieces Robbie Sturm 14
On Your Shore Shanachie 20
In Your Eyes Flamingo 32
Here You are Again MerLyn 55
Belief in the Promised Land MerLyn 58
Castillo Robyn LaSalle 71
Crockett Robyn LaSalle 72
You Can Sleep While I Drive Stancio del Norte 74
Shadow Man MerLyn 95
The Edge Starr Copeland 96
Summer Nights Susan K. Dundas 98
Burning Heart MerLyn 109
Cold Courage, Southern Comfort MerLyn112
The Tao of Love Stancio del Norte 140
Obsidian and Jade R.J. Burnett 146
Dark Times, Light Fingers Sunny Bernaise 148
The Lotus and the Cub Alisha Long 166


KOZ front cover
Susan K. Dundas 167
Nola Frame-Gray 54, 108
Jung 2
Himane 145, 166

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