The Table of Contents

Catherine in Dancing Light Joan Enright1
Rose and Crystal Teri Sarick3
Yearning Jeffrey Koehn5
Paradise C.W. Blaum5
Vincent Dark and Bright Joan Enright7
Depth of My Desire Kathleen Hall11
Tidings of Comfort and Joy Carol Kyne12
The Gift Cat35
Above and Below Teri Sarick37
My Knight of Night Cat38
Enchantment Joan Enright40
Emotions Cat42
Heart Song Cat44
The Bell's of St. Vincent's Joan Enright46
The Sacrifice Joan Enright47
Halloween Cat51
Life and Death Sue Ann Sarick52
Powerful Words Sue Ann Sarick53
The Wayfarers Joan ENright54
Wishes Teri Sarick68
Defeat Cat80
The Bond Cat84
The Child Teri Sarick82
Radcliffe Teri Sarick86
The Harbinger of Hope Teri Janka87
And Death Shall Have No Dominion Marie Bidlack93
A Concert for Father Kathie One101
Silent Legacy Kathleen Hall129


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