MAS-ZINE 5, Vol. 2

Available in both CD and printed zine formats (zine illustrations are not in color )

The Table of Contents

Sobell by Trece Angelo
          Kydan is a slave and the favorite of his mage-blooded master, Lord Ronic. When a newly-captured foreign soldier is brought to the estate, all those fairy tales of freedom and rebellion become threatening reality.

Sworn by Camilla Bruce
          Thomas knows that there's a chunk of his life missing. Something about his childhood, something that happened in the old orphanage for boys that his father ran, something so dark and horrible that the ghost of it had manifested to drag him down to hell.

Your Darkest Desire by Tricia
          Finn, a young stripper, is a suspect in a murder case. But that isn't why Detective John Stonebrook finds himself obsessed with him....

Dark and Light by Paladin
          After Tequa, crown-prince of the dark elves, has rescued a beautiful light elf from certain death in the arena and made him his slave -- he finds both of them at the center of an intrigue at the royal Dark Elven court.

Alexander's River by Patricia Fuller
          "Was there ever a time when you wished for another life? That you wished you¹d never known me?"

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