The Table of Contents

Memento Mori Sue N.ATF 11
(Memorial Day, Chris/Vin) The two men think back to the meaning of sacrifice.

The Delivery WildcatATF 24
(Birthday and Anniversary, Chris/Vin) A special package arrives.

The Birthday Gift SheaATF 31
(Birthday, Chris/Vin) It's always nice when you get just what you want for your birthday.

September 3 FaradATF 46
(Anniversary, Chris/Vin) Some anniversaries bring back bad memories, but with the right person you can make it through.

The Greatest Gift Ruby J.ATF 54
(Christmas, Chris/Vin) Knowing what the greatest gift is can be a blessing.

Hopes and Dreams Ruby J.ATF 72
(Christmas, Chris/Vin) Holding on to your hopes and dreams is easier when you have someone there beside you.

Dancing Around FaradOld West 85
(A special occassion, Chris/Vin) When they stop over in a town, Chris and Vin end up at a dance that sparks a private dance between the two men.

Its Own Place FaradOld West 100
(Heat Wave, Chris/Vin) When you can't escape the heat you'll try anything.


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