The Table of Contents

Junctures FaradOld West -- J/V 11
A visit brings unexpected revelations for some of the seven.

Satin Sheets Helen AdamsOld West -- C/E 39
Traveling with Ezra turns out to have unintended consequences.

Conjured Affection FaradOld West -- E/V 48
With Vin injured, Ezra finds he has an unexpected opportunity.

The Naked Truth Helen AdamsATF -- E/N 69
Ezra feelings it's time Nathan had an opportunity to unwind.

To Scratch an Itch AnnieATF -- C/V 75
Vin is in quite a state.

After-School Special Helen AdamsATF -- B/E 82
Ezra comes looking for what Buck can provide.

Three Men in a Tub AnnieATF -- B/C/E 90
When you get stuck in the tub, you just know your friends will be
there to help.

Kissing Him AnnieATF -- C/V 108
When Vin kisses JD, it stirs up all kinds of feelings in Chris.

Torques FaradESC -- J/V 129
Josiah uses Vin in a way he never hoped he would.


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