The Table of Contents

Sunrise/Sunset/Moonrise Winnie11
Old West. The development of a relationship.

Together: Each New Dawn Susie Burton15
Old West. Poem.

Paint the Sky JIN16
Old West. Chris stays with Vin when he is hurt too badly to travel.

Protection The Tenth Muse 147
Modern AU. Chris and Vin take on a new gig, protecting one JD Dunne.

A Life Not Lost Annie66
ATF Denver. An undercover assignment for Vin goes terribly wrong, and the fall out might just destroy his life with Chris.

A Life Not Left Annie74
ATF Denver. When Vin's nemesis returns, it nearly costs him and Chris their lives.

Conquering the Mountain Susie Burton112
ATF Denver. Chris and Vin go see a movie.

What We Hope to Learn Annie116
ATF Denver. Chris needs to get his head together. Vin needs to say what he feels. Too bad neither of them is doing what they need to do.

...And Then to Bed Susie Burton150
ATF Denver. When things don't go as planned... improvise.


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