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A Close Shave Dawnwind5
Shaving is something intimate to Starsky. Shaving his partner makes it even more so.

Groundhog Moment TLR15
The movie Groundhog Day meets the episode "Death in a Different Place."

Love and Chaos Wightfaerie29
Starsky asks Hutch for something kinky that Hutch isn't sure he's prepared to give.

Concealed Monika63
When Starsky and Hutch's relationship is impacted by Hutch's demons from his past, will he be able to get past what happened to him and show Starsky that he truly does love him and need him?

A Far Cry from Home Marty Chrisman123
When Hutch lies near death in a Minneapolis hospital, Starsky must battle the rest of the Hutchinson family to keep them from disconnecting his lover's life support system.


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