The Table of Contents

Spock's Affirmation Jacqueline Lichtenberg5
Death of a Flame Doris Beetem27
Hope to be Spared Jacqueline Lichtenberg29
Zyeto Jacqueline Lichtenberg31
Shealku Jacqueline Lichtenberg35
Kraith Chronology Jacqueline Lichtenberg44
A Matter of Priority Anna Mary Hall46
Spock: Guardian of the Tradition Jacqueline Lichtenberg61
Spock's Mission Jacqueline Lichtenberg65
Surak's Construct Jacqueline Lichtenberg85
T'Zorel Jacqueline Lichtenberg87
The Disaffirmed Ruth Berman95
Won't You Walk a Little Faster? Doris Beetem101
The Tanya Entry Pat Zotti103
Spock's Argument Jacqueline Lichtenberg


Robbie Brownfront cover, 8, 94
Gordon Carlton30, 56, 118, 122
D.L. Collin5, 26
Tim Courtney84, 135
Connie Faddis70
Mike Kurcharski45
Alice LaVelle130
G. Moaven12, 43, 65, 83, 87, 92, 94, 109
Cara Sherman24
Joni Wagner54, 61

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