The Table of Contents

Bound by Blood Eileen Foreman & Frank Seward3
And So I Did J.V.25
Cravings Nancy Hope Parry26
Such Fiery Beauty Pales Cyndi Bayless Overstreet27
Nightcrawler Winifred McBeth39
Rare Vintage Bettie J. Brown40
A Clear and Present Danger Teresa Guinn-Garcia41
My Nicholas Winifred McBeth42
Unfinished Business: Inroads Bettie J. Brown43
Ode to a (K)night Teresa Guinn-Garcia52
Geraint Nancy Hope Parry53
Anima/Animus Lisa Clevenger54
Angels Cyndi Bayless Overstreet66
The Soul of a Musician Winifred McBeth67
Forever Knight Sandy Adams89
Dandelions L.L. Wright90


Frank Liltzfront cover

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