The Table of Contents

When Wet Just isn't Enough LundaDey & KathyD1
A First Time for Everything Suzy B & LunaDey4
In Too Deep LunaDey, KathyD & Suzy B7
When Push Comes to Shove Glori & LunaDey12
It's all in the Hands Glori & LunaDey15
Oh, What a Relief it is KathyD & LunaDey19
In Sickness and in Health Suzy B & LunaDey22
All Washed Up Midnight Profit & LunaDey27
Size Does Matter LadyViper & LunaDey29
Just a Little More Steel Knight32
Lustful Tastes LadyViper & LunaDey34
Morning Surprise Lisa S. & Midnight Profit37
Dipping KT39
It's All in the Wrists Lisa S.41
It's All in the Wrists, Pt. 2 Lisa S. & Mary43
Just Lick It Lisa S. & LunaDey45
Lunch Delights LadyViper & Lisa S.47
Stake Out Lisa S. & Mary49
The Perfect Office Lisa S.51
So Good, It Should be a Sin Lisa S. & LadyViper52
Three-Way Virgin LunaDey, Midnight Profit & Lisa S.54

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